Help clients choose the best solutions for their needs. From selecting the perfect TV, projector or sound system,
helping them understand their needs in relation to what they want...

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Custom Theatre Rooms

We offer full design and installation services for your custom home theatre. We look at the space you want to turn into a theatre room and offer suggestions on the best options available...

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Video Calibration

We can professionally calibrate your TV or projector to the proper industry set standards that allow you to enjoy your movies and content the way the director intended...

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TV Wall Mounting

Wall mounting TVs is a great way to save space. More importantly it will make it safe for children by removing the hazard of a TV tipping over, and to achieve the cleanest look...

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Component Concealment

Don’t want to see those big boxes that control your sound system, the cable boxes, Blu-ray players, anything connected to the TV? We offer solutions that can help hide these components...

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Universal Remote Control Solutions

A true One Remote to Rule Them All! Get rid of all the different remotes for one simple remote to easily control and change what you’re watching without any fumbling around...

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Multi-room Audio Systems

Wired or wireless setups to gain music in every room throughout the home. Play the same music in one or multiple rooms, or even play different music in each room if you like...

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Speaker Systems

Installation and balancing of surround sound systems in configurations starting from basic 5.1 speaker systems to full blown Dolby Atmos and DTS: X systems up to 9.4.4...

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Projector Installation

Ceiling mount projectors or create a cubby to hold and conceal a projector. Hang the projector screen, some screens are also available to hide within the ceiling (depending on construction)....

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